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Coconut & Palm Sugar

Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

If you look for a healthy alternative with a unique taste to table sugar, look no further. Deliamor’s Coconut Sugar has a lower GI value compared to normal table sugar. With a hint of caramel, this sugar will give you a unique taste to dishes and beverages. Coconut Sugar is perfect for: - Tea and coffee sweeteners - Sugar coated dishes - Replacement for table sugar

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Pure Coconut Sugar

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Information per 50g Serving
Nutrition Information Per 50g Serving
Energy 21 Kcal
Protein 1 g

Total fat

Saturated Fat

Trans Fat

0 g

0 g

0 g

Total Carbohydrates

Dietary Fiber


12 g

1 g

6 g

Sodium 0 mg