Sentosa Enterprise is the private company that is responsible for the Delia

mor Brand, as well as other related brands of::

Masarap, Delicato, Nectarina, Bee Brand, Coconectar.

Founded in 1982, Sentosa Enterprise became one of the highly successful and trustworthy company.

Sentosa Enterprise is on a mission to create a world of happiness through healthy families is complemented by two sister companies, Sentosa Trading and Sentosa Multi Jaya. These two companies are responsible for the trading business to many countries such as United States & Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Middle East, Hong Kong, and many more.



As a second sister company of Sentosa Enterprise, Multi Jaya is a merged company that does trading business to Western countries and Oceania. Multi Jaya is a trusted company that trades with the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. All the products that is from Multi Jaya will be properly assessed to meet the food criteria in western countries.


Sentosa Trading is the main sister company of Sentosa Enterprise. Created by the head director of the main company as a firm that focuses on the trading business with countries all over Asia. Starting with Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and currently expanding to more Asian countries.